Carrie Summerford was born in Ohio, raised in Ohio, and currently lives in Ohio where she attends… Ohio University. Despite this, Carrie generally loves life, and is deeply invested in art, which she studies as a ceramics BFA candidate at OU. Besides being a subject of study, for Carrie, art is a non–negotiable in life. It suffices to say that art, art making, and art community have always been a part of Carrie’s surroundings, and permeate work and leisure. She has worked as a studio assistant for several artists such as Tom Bartel, Hayun Surl, and Brad Schwieger. In her own practice, Carrie pursues ceramics, painting and drawing, and fiber art, all of which have arisen out of a long standing interest in materiality. This is where living in Ohio has been a blessing, since the region, in particular the southeast of the state has an abundance of natural resources, and a rich folk history.


People are attuned to disruptions in consistency; this unavoidable act of noticing breaks in pattern is apt to take advantage of in artmaking. The moment in which two materials, or two images, collide, becomes a strong focal point. These focal points begin as physical occurrences, but expand into questions for the viewer. How can curating two starkly different materials create a sense of tension, ease, or fear? How does the superimposition of multiple painted figures comment on their state of being?

My work, whether it be ceramic, painting, drawing, or installation, explores intersections and overlaps of material, image, and/or narrative. This process often looks different depending on the medium I am working with, however overlaying separate parts always provides me an opportunity for decision-making surrounding the intersection of those pieces. These pragmatic decisions, such as emphasizing, obscuring, distracting, or clarifying, affect how the viewer is guided to experience the work.

I am not interested in communicating direct messages through my work, but rather tapping into the intrinsic associations of feelings and symbolism each viewer brings to a piece.